Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Project Success Equation; The REAL Triple Constraint

We've all heard the issues over the triple constraint, and whether it should include scope, time, and cost, or other factors as well. But the "real" triple constraint often goes unnoticed. And that is the old trio of "people, processes, and technology".

We need to invest in all three in order to have project success. By "people," I'm not only referring to investing in leadership training for project managers, but also to having an organizational structure that's aligned and not set up for conflict.

And, while processes are critical, some things cannot be "processized," such as leadership and stakeholder management. And processes alone, without the technology to make it efficient, can also be a burden.

So next time you're analyzing the success or failure of your project, consider the impact that people, processes, and technology had on that result. There may be some eye-openers.

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At 4:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your comment that a company needs to be set-up correctly so that there is no conflict is not very useful. Conflict is a reality that exists within all firms, it's part of the organic nature of companies and, to extrapolate that out further, human nature. People have different perspectives and that will cause communication friction (not a bad thing) which in turn can either lead to greater understanding or stalling out on a project. That communication effort does need to managed correctly, but I don't believe it can be set-up at the beginning of a project with the assumption that it will take care of itself. To assume that everything needs to be set up right from the very beginning will simply lead to analysis paralysis. Accepting that there will be conflict and that it has to managed correct would be a more useful form of insight.


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