Sunday, March 04, 2007

IT Project: Cutover Preparation

USAirways plans IT reservation systems cutover and emphasizes preparation for this major IT project
Mergers and acquisitions are common in today's markets. These corporate marriages often come with consolidation and integration. Eventually, information systems are consolidated. When systems touch customers, our risk antennae should perk up and we should prepare to minimize business impact. Preparation includes planning, temporary resources, a command center, practice through rehearsing, etc. Read about USAirways post-acquisition preparation for cutover to its common reservation system. ...

... "US Airways has been prepping for the mammoth IT project since the America West-US Airways merger closed in September 2005. " ...

Via Arizona Republic: US Airways IT Integration

Update: Via Bloomberg: USAirways Cutover Issues: "US Airways' kiosks at Charlotte and four regional hubs couldn't communicate with the reservation network for several hours after the systems were unified ... "

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