Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Top 10 Project Management Trends for 2009: Virtual Teams, Management Involvement, and More

ESI International released their Top 10 list of forecasted project management trends for 2009.

I completely agree that these are things that need to happen, and should happen. Time will tell if they actually DO happen, but the winds do seem to be blowing that way. I think it's a great list.

Some highlights are (I've paraphrased here):

- Companies are finally starting to realize the importance middle managers play in the "whole system" of project management.

- Tighter budgets mean more virtual teams, which will require new rules of engagement.

- Companies will finally begin to understand the nuances of program management, and how it differs from project management.

- Informal communities will be used for increasing dialogue and sharing best practices.

Visit the link below for the full list....

Top 10 Project Management Trends for 2009, Press Releases, ESI International


At 5:38 AM, Anonymous Pawel Brodzinski said...

I would discuss whether virtual teams are cheaper by design. Managing virtual teams requires usage of new techniques but it also brings additional hassle.

That's just a wild guess, since it's only hypothetical situation, but if I had to choose between one big team in expensive location (expensive work-force, high living costs) and the same team spreaded among 3 cheap locations I'd go for the former. I think overall costs of delivering quality product would be lower this way.


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