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Project Manager Day to Day Routine


Project management is one of the most coveted jobs among aspiring young professionals because of the high salary rate and multiple benefits. It has its perks but the duties that come with it means you get to administer, plan, and lead projects that render you sleepless, what with all the endless cycle of updates and changes you have to make. Simply put, a project manager ’s core responsibilities are to plan the overall project activities, to oversee what is happening during the project operation, managing time constraints, utilizing resources, and formulating solutions to certain issues in the project.

But project managing doesn’t just stop in the confines of the office. Take it from successful people who are not only experts in their trade but also in life. These people who employ their job roles in their life’s daily grind have instilled discipline in themselves. You don’t need to be an actual project manager to do the same—rather, think as one. After all, a project manager is all about managing and controlling one’s resources, time and constraints. When you apply this to your life, you can keep your sanity and won’t wake up the next morning frazzled.

The following are basic habits of people who channel their inner project manager and get to be functioning individuals.


Managing Time

We manage time in our whole daily life whether we are at work, school, or spending too much time watching Sherlock on Netflix. Utilizing and handling your time properly has a big impact in your day to day life since that time affects all the types of progress that you are making. A good project manager does not only have the capabilities to manage time on a project, but he or she is also good at this area of his or her life.

Managing time does not limit to just organizing a set of to-do list on that day—you have to be mindful that time is ticking and when you are so immersed with something like surfing the internet or focusing on your given task, you do not notice that another minute or hours has gone by. It also means doing a little bit of math to fully maximize what you have on your watch.

Conserve your time preparing in the morning by hanging your clothes the night before. If you plan to have pancakes for breakfast, make a pancake mix in advance. If a friend invites you for coffee at 2:30, but need to accompany a close relative at 4:00 with another engagement, make an allowance and let you friend know can only stay until 3:30.



It is common knowledge that when a project manager implements the operation of the project, he or she makes sure that the financial resources are within budget. Remember that money doesn’t grow on trees and despite the country’s economic status, you have to start learning early how to budget your funds. This is from your basic expenses like food, water, electric, and internet bills, down to that brewed coffee you always buy every morning from the shop three blocks from your house. Every time you purchase something, write it down and review how much you spend every day. You’ll be surprised that you don’t need that lemon-infused bottled water after all. Write how you much you are going to spend this whole week and stick to it.


Show Off Your Communication Skills

No, I don’t mean participating in every public speaking forum or competition known to man. Communicating and dealing with different types of clients and subordinates are other skills of a project manager that need constant sharpening. Almost all arguments stem from miscommunication or the choices of words that can cause a misunderstanding between two people. Not everyone has the gift of gab but there are countless workshops, seminars, and online resources that can help you be a better communicator. Some project managers still find ways to enhance or improve in this area, so you are not alone embarking on this journey. Communicating effectively with anyone from strangers to colleagues is the key to a good relationship as well as for information worthy of knowing.



Time management and planning go hand in hand together since these are keys for a successful result of your desired outcome. Planning everything in advance is not as daunting as it seems, but it can save you time in the long run. When you highlight your week with significant things, you are prone to be more productive due to the fact that you already visualize what you want to happen. Your productivity levels reflect how much you plan your tasks and applying this to your life reap you rewards for being a functional human being.

There is simply nothing wrong with being spontaneous once in a while, but there are some areas in your life that you need to carefully take into consideration. If you have the sudden urge to travel to France and see the Louvre, don’t immediately book a flight without knowing what ideal hotels to stay in. Is the Louvre your only main destination? Would you rather stay in a hotel or the bed and breakfast? What is your budget? Should you bring extra clothes? Sitting down and planning ahead will make the whole process less stressful and you can travel to France without losing your sanity over something you forgot.


These are just the basic ones people practice on a daily basis. By applying these things, you are managing your responsibilities as an adult. Doing these habits and getting used to them will not only be your road to becoming a successful career person but also getting your life together in one neat space. Some people may see you as rigid for resorting to these practices, but these are actually effective priceless tools that every successful people swear by. At the end of the day, you only not gain a progress at work, but in life as well. But don’t forget to let loose for a change. Make it as your reward for a job well done.